Understanding Size and Weight with Rocks

Different sized rocks are a great way to teach big vs small, heavy vs light, smooth vs rough with younger kids.




They like to pile cotton balls on the rocks too (don’t ask me why). The cotton balls are another way to compare light vs heavy.

I have an old post about this Bringing the Outside In


bringing the outside in

For whatever reason some times we can’t spend as much time outdoors as we would like. So, here are a few ways that we bring the outside in:


montessori rocks

We have steadily built a collection of rocks and agates every time we go to a beach or park. For now we keep them all in an oatmeal bin (above) but eventually I would like to find something to keep them in that keeps them more visible. My three-year-old uses a magnifying glass to examine them, and the fact that they are of varying weights (some of them are pretty heavy) and textures makes it a great sensorial exploration. While viewing rocks you can discuss heavy vs. light, different textures (rough, smooth), and comparing size (small vs. large). Overall, a great and free way to learn!


Here we have our terrarium. We put it together with our old fish bowl (around 5 dollars from pet store). The bottom couple of inches is aquarium gravel, and then the plant is placed a 1/2 inch into the cacti soil. We use a spray bottle (found at dollar store) to mist the plant when the soil becomes dry. Great way to introduce the subject of botany. We have this on a low shelf for my daughter so that she can look at it whenever she likes.



Above is our beta fish. Pretty inexpensive on the whole to have a fish, and beautiful to watch. Will later aid in discussions of biology, anatomy, etc. Also, having my daughter feed the fish is a practical life activity in itself. Currently, we have our fish bowl high up on the counter; I will risk a plant being down low and falling, but not a fish! 🙂

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