Sensorial Busy Bin


I’ve posted about sensory bins before (No Mess Sensory Bin) but now that my youngest daughter is older we are re-visiting a lot of the same activities that I did with my first daughter. My oldest is enjoying everything again too.

For this sensory bin I just threw in a lot of small items and spoons to practice scooping and pouring. There’s smooth gems, and puffy cotton balls, etc. Throwing in some scented objects (like the tea tree oil toothpick container) is fun too. I save all tiny random objects around the house (like nuts and bolts and twist ties, for example) to switch out. Keeps them entertained in different ways for a quite a while!



Montessori Practical Life: Sandpaper tray


This one is super easy. We have a bag of blocks that are starting to get old and rough. I decided to do a tray with sandpaper and blocks as a practical life shelf activity.

Color Sorting and Counting with Mini Pom Poms!


This is a Montessori-inspired many-in-one activity for preschoolers! It can be as simple as sorting the colors into different cups, or become more challenging if you add some counting exercises. If you look closely I’ve added tweezers as an option to practice picking up the small pom poms with.

I’ve included the number cards as a way to add more challenge. Which ever number is next in the pile is how many she sorts into one of the cups!


These mini pom poms are just another way to mix up materials and make learning more fun! They are very inexpensive, come in so many different colors, and can be utilized in many different activities.

Another fun counting exercise: