It’s the simple things…


I recently got rid of a ton of my daughters’ toys and things. I had always talked and thought about minimalizing her collection, but worried that I would regret it later down the road. I’ve also worried about getting rid of things that were gifts from other people because I didn’t want to offend anyone. The truth is, I have been way more sentimental with their stuff then they have! Since I’ve reduced the toy collection both of my daughters have shown much more appreciation for the things that are left. We have kept things based on a few factors: is it educational? does it inspire imaginative play? is it handcrafted or made of superior natural materials? Is it a classic toy? Also, because there are fewer things, my daughter has a much easier time keeping things organized and her room has a much less overwhelming feeling to it. We have fun with less, and usually it truly is with the simple toys: blocks, tea set, puppets, pretend doctor kit, etc.

So, if you’ve been wondering if you should thin out your child’s toy collection, but fear that they would miss it… I’m hear to tell you they probably won’t! At least for kids 3 and under. Maybe older kids start becoming more attached to their things. I’m not there yet. What do you think?


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