The Montessori Language Program is Awesome



I have barely scratched the surface in trying to teach my three-year-old all of the different Montessori methods, and yet I’m already seeing progress. The video below is very informative about the Montessori language program, and is part of what inspired me to go ahead and try and teach her how to read (something I previously hadn’t realized as a possibility at her age). I have been surprised at how interested she has been with learning letters, letter sounds, and words. All day long she goes around sounding out simple words, and a lot of times makes up her own goofy spellings (and thinks it’s hilarious). In the video, it is mentioned that younger children, around 3-years-of-age, are actually in their prime to introduce the concept of reading. This is because at this age children have “absorbent minds”, and desire to repeat things over and over (a key to learning).

Anyway,  you’ll notice that in the video the children are taught cursive handwriting. I don’t intend to begin by teaching my children cursive, but I definitely think it should still be introduced in schools. The particular Montessori classroom in the video looks wonderful. I wish I could send me daughters there!


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