books are for babies too


Once upon a time we had a shelf for all of our books, but that shelf went to my daughter’s Montessori school area. So, for now, we just sort of have this chaotic reading area. Hey, it works! In the photo above my 14-month-old is sitting in a chair flipping through a board book, which she does frequently and daily. If we didn’t have this reading corner, then she wouldn’t be looking at the books. We do have books so she does look (we read a lot of Dr. Seuss). My older daughter likes to sit here and flip through books as well. Some times they like to stack the books, and then the little one likes to pull them all down. I would like to point out that many of our books are from our local Goodwill store, which often has many children’s books in good condition.

Anyway, my point is that having reading materials low and accessible for children brings the idea of books into their consciousness daily. It becomes an expected part of their environment, and maybe–just maybe–it makes them more likely to think of picking up a book on a regular basis.

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4 thoughts on “books are for babies too

  1. It’s so important for children to be given access for books, we put a selection in a box for her to reach so she can pick up a book whenever she wants and her bookshelf is low enough that if she’s in her room she can also choose books straight from the shelf.
    I think giving access and being read to children develop a responsibility for their books my daughters 2 and we have only had a couple of book losses at least one was through love! 🙂


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