penmanship with a preschooler


I found this dry erase writing board (cardboard, more like it) at our local Dollar Store. It is great to introduce writing in between lines and such (AKA penmanship). At this stage, it isn’t a huge deal that I teach my three-year-old how to write with perfect penmanship, though. Just sort of fun… or, interesting… to introduce. 😉

As you can see, I have a couple of her sandpaper letters out for her to try and write after tracing them with her finger. The sandpaper letters really do help in having her understand how to write letters — I recommend them to everyone with a preschooler (even as just a supplement for kids that already are in a preschool)! I found mine at Montessori Outlet. I have my eyes on the knobbed and knob-less cylinders from Montessori Outlet (they look really awesome)… but they are still a bit out of my budget!


So, as you can see above, my daughter doesn’t really care to write in between lines, but that’s okay! I am just impressed that she’s writing at all. If I don’t make any rules about it then she has a lot more fun anyway. When she’s a bit older I can be more goal-oriented with her lessons, maybe, but by then she’ll hopefully be in a Montessori school where she will have other guidance.

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