undercover educational toys for preschoolers



Classic Legos are great for many different reasons. They improve fine motor skills (all those tiny pieces), require concentration (a great skill for a preschooler to practice), fosters creativity (think of the limitless things to be built), and the list goes on! I hope it is obvious that these Legos are only suitable for children 3 and up. Actually, the packaging may even say 4 and up, but my daughter is almost 3-and- a-half and knows not to put stuff in her mouth. For younger toddlers, try Duplo Legos. They look great but my baby daughter isn’t quite old enough, and I knew my older daughter was ready for the tiny ones (she gets a kick out of super tiny things… whatever happened to the tiny Polly Pocket toys). Plus, I like the plain Legos as opposed to the kits, because they rely only on a child’s imagination to build things. I have seen many great activities on Pinterest that can be done with Legos, and I will share our take on those activities when I get around to them!

play doh


Play Doh is a great sensorial activity. My daughter doesn’t ever seem to get bored with it. We were given all of the little Play Doh tools, but I know they can be found very inexpensively. Actually, we used to just use a plastic knife and random things like popsicle sticks before we got the other tools… was just as much fun! While playing with Play Doh your child is improving fine motor skills, adopting concentration skills, involved in creative play (very important), and the list goes on.

Do you have any similar ideas for what might be an undercover educational toy?

***Playing is learning, so I like to think that everything my daughter does is strengthening the connections in her mind. The way I view it is that when she’s involved in a hands-on activity it is like a free educational lesson that I don’t have to teach! ***

~Thanks for reading~


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