alphabet fun


I found this ABC rubber stamp set for 3 dollars! Where? At Target! When you first walk into Target they have a $1 to $3 dollar section, and I was excited to find these there. Especially because they’re all lower-case. Montessori students begin by learning the lower-case alphabet because something like 95% of all words you see are in lower-case. Makes a whole lot of sense when you look at it that way. Also included are some punctuation stamps, but I’m not introducing punctuation in my daughter’s learning yet.


So, the stamps are fun in general, and we can also practice her letter sounds at the same time. My 3-year-old knows about half of the alphabet’s letter sounds, so we’ve started on with some phonics words (I will post about her reading and writing progress another time).


In the photo above I have illustrated two silly pictures of a cat and a bat. I had her try and stamp in the correct letter by sounding out the words. Well, she got the “c” right to start the word cat, but didn’t understand where to stamp it… she ended up stamping randomly in the middle of the card. Funny how we some times assume that our children should have a concept of something they’ve never done before. Well, we tried again until she figure it out. 🙂 Anyway, If we had a printer I could probably find some free printables out there, or make my own print-out versions.


And here’s a great way to recycle. ^ If your child is like mine then you have an overflow of scribbles and drawings on paper. Instead of being in that awkward position of “should I throw these away… or become a hoarder?”, you can instead reuse them in a tray with scissors for a simple cutting activity. Great scissor practice!

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