bringing the outside in

For whatever reason some times we can’t spend as much time outdoors as we would like. So, here are a few ways that we bring the outside in:


montessori rocks

We have steadily built a collection of rocks and agates every time we go to a beach or park. For now we keep them all in an oatmeal bin (above) but eventually I would like to find something to keep them in that keeps them more visible. My three-year-old uses a magnifying glass to examine them, and the fact that they are of varying weights (some of them are pretty heavy) and textures makes it a great sensorial exploration. While viewing rocks you can discuss heavy vs. light, different textures (rough, smooth), and comparing size (small vs. large). Overall, a great and free way to learn!


Here we have our terrarium. We put it together with our old fish bowl (around 5 dollars from pet store). The bottom couple of inches is aquarium gravel, and then the plant is placed a 1/2 inch into the cacti soil. We use a spray bottle (found at dollar store) to mist the plant when the soil becomes dry. Great way to introduce the subject of botany. We have this on a low shelf for my daughter so that she can look at it whenever she likes.



Above is our beta fish. Pretty inexpensive on the whole to have a fish, and beautiful to watch. Will later aid in discussions of biology, anatomy, etc. Also, having my daughter feed the fish is a practical life activity in itself. Currently, we have our fish bowl high up on the counter; I will risk a plant being down low and falling, but not a fish! 🙂

~Thanks for viewing~


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