counting and numerals



As I was going through some of my daughters toys one day, I realized she had a lot of felt “food” items that she never really played with and I considered donating them to Goodwill. Then I thought of an idea; we could use them in a counting activity! So, I separated them all out and together we matched the quantities of felt foods to numbered flash cards (above). It was fun but definitely too challenging to do on her own. I also read in the Montessori At Home eBook that you should begin these kinds of counting activities using identical items in order to isolate quantity as the feature of experience. So, for now, I switched the activity to…

penny counting


So, it is kind of hard to see in the photo above, but each cup has numerals 1 through 10 written on them. The larger cup holds all of the pennies (55, which is the amount needed to successfully sort all of the coins in each cup). Well, we did the activity together once and I kind of assumed that we would need to do it over and over for her to have the concept stick. However, it was only a couple of days later she took it off of the shelf and began the activity herself, and did pretty darn well! I was surprised, and she was proud of herself.

sandpaper numerals & bead bars


These sandpaper numerals and bead bars that we have in the photo are not do-it-yourself. I splurged on these and the sandpaper letters, and here’s why: they are pretty essential and would be really time consuming to make. I thought about making them for a couple of weeks, even bought some sand paper. However, envisioning myself cutting out each separate numeral and letter from sand paper and gluing them down onto wood or cardboard… no thanks! The bead bars would probably be easy to make but the cost was low enough that I thought we can find a way to afford it. I purchased them from Montessori Outlet. Anyway, I’ll save you the reading and suggest you watch this video if you’re interested in learning about these materials and Montessori mathematics:

~Thanks for reading and feel free to share thoughts & ideas~


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