color activities

color matching100_3475 (800x550)

With this activity I found some free paint sample cards and cut them apart to make color flash cards. I had some mini clothespins on hand and colored the tops of each with colored pencils to correlate to the colors on the color cards. Then match! A very simple, inexpensive activity. My daughter has known all of her colors for a while so this activity seemed to be a breeze for her, but she had fun! She seemed proud of herself to pull it off of the shelf and know exactly what to do with it.

color sorting


Pony beads, I believe they are called, are very inexpensive. I bought a pouch for about 2 dollars. I bought some small plastic “disposable” cups for around the same price. Have your child sort the different colors. Easy.


And don’t forget to make lots of necklaces and bracelets! Pipe cleaners make “stringing” the beads a lot easier, but they can be pokey on the ends. Stringing beads helps with small motor skills and adopting concentration abilities.

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