practical life/sensorial activities

spice jar sorting


For the activity above, I simply repurposed some old spice jars and their lids with various items that fit through the holes (Q-tips, tooth picks, skinny pieces of paper, and even a broken necklace chain). Also, an added challenge was that not every spice jar had holes big enough for the Q-tips, so she had to figure out which items fit where. My three year old really enjoyed this activity for a few days but now she definitely needs some more challenge!


Her baby sis loved the activity too (below)



sand activity


This “sand” stuff (above) is great. My daughter received it as a gift over the holidays so I’m not sure where it can be purchased. Basically, it is sand that is somewhat moldable and feels very soft, and never dries out. A great sensorial activity! She plays with it for at least an hour at a time! Here are a few photos of the fun stuff she does with it:


Hand prints ^


Poking holes in the sand ^


Burying coins ^

It would also be good to practice writing letters in, but we haven’t done that yet.

~Feel free to share ideas, thanks~




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