Our Montessori Set-Up

Hello! Here are some brief descriptions of how we are setting up our Montessori preschool “class room” area. I rotate activities as often as I can think of new ones. Most of the time I get my ideas from Pinterest, other blogs, my brain, or the fantastic Montessori At Home eBook.

A close up view of a few of our activities on the shelf (above). It is interesting how after I have started with these activities I really get an understanding of what my daughter is drawn to and what level of challenge in an activity that she needs. Most of our materials are from our local Goodwill store, the Dollar Store, or found around our house.

We have gates around her “school” area in order to keep her baby sister out (she would pull everything down and put everything in her mouth). Ideally we would have a separate room for her activities and lessons, but this small space in our living room is actually proving pretty adequate. So, Everyone Can Montessori, regardless of budget, size of home, etc.

Our Terrarium we put together (above). My daughter really loves to look at “frosty” (the unscientific name of the plant), and loves to water it with her spray bottle. We feel the soil together to know when we need to water it. We place it in her bedroom window when it’s really sunny. I think it’s important for kids to have something to take care of and nurture, and plants are fairly simple to have around. We already had this old fish bowl in our cupboard and aquarium gravel on hand, so all we had to do was purchase soil and the plant (spent maybe only 6 dollars).

Also, for those of you unfamiliar with the Montessori Method, here’s a quick video:

~Thanks for reading and feel free to share ideas, thoughts, questions~


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